Marvel Celebrates 125th Anniversary

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Published: May 16, 2017 on YouTube by Marvel

As the original refrigeration expert since 1892, Marvel Refrigeration is built on a foundation of 125 years of American-made craftsmanship you can trust.

About Marvel Premium Refrigeration

Choose from an extensive line of flexible solutions for home and outdoor, designed to enrich your life and adapt throughout the years. Enjoy distinctive features like Dynamic Cooling Technology for rapid cool down, convertible shelving, tri-color lighting and other clever design attributes to elevate the home experience.

Marvel Wine Refrigerators

Marvel protects your wine collection best and is twice as energy efficient as previous models. Engineered with critical elements of proper wine storage, Marvel Wine Refrigerators provide the optimal environment for wine preservation. And, it features Dynamic Cooling Technology with precise temperature control, vibration neutralization, UV light resistance, and more.

Marvel All Refrigerators and Freezers

Now up to 40% more efficient, Marvel Undercounter Refrigerators are engineered with the most precise temperature cooling performance and fastest cool down times. Plus, the fully adjustable cantilevered shelving system provides storage versatility that adapts to changes in lifestyle and refrigeration habits.

Marvel Beverage Centers

With maximum capacity and flexible cantilevered shelving, Marvel Beverage Centers can efficiently store your choice of 12-oz cans, 2-Liter bottles, 6-packs or 12-packs. And, each handcrafted model is engineered with Dynamic Cooling Technology for rapid cool down and precise temperature management.

Marvel Beer Dispensers

No other kegerator offers the versatility of Marvel Beer Dispensers. With as many as 4-in-1 storage configurations, it’s the only beer dispenser that can store a half keg, multiple barrel sizes and also convert to refrigeration storage. The double-insulated tower ensures the perfect pour and an integrated drain controls spills. Discover why cicerones, home brewers and beer enthusiasts alike consider Marvel the finest beer dispenser.

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AGA MARVEL is a North American subsidiary of AGA Rangemaster, a premier international consumer brands group that manufactures and distributes some of the best known and loved kitchen appliances and interiors furnishings in the world, including prominent cooking and refrigeration brands, each with its own unique history.

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MODE at KBIS 2017

Event review: KBIS 2017
Event Date: January 10-12, 2017
Event Location: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida
Selection From Press Release: NKBA Reveals Top Design Trends and Economic Outlook at KBIS 2017 – By KBIS
Posted: January 16, 2017
Selection From Press Release: KBIS Sees Stellar Growth, Estimated 15% Increase in Attendance – By KBIS
Posted: January 24, 2017

The 2017 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) welcomed designers, builders, dealers and suppliers along with 596 exhibitors to Orlando for what was one of the largest and most successful KBIS events to date. Early estimates report a 15-percent increase in attendance over the previous year; the fourth consecutive year of attendee growth. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) reports that the estimated market value for the kitchen and bath industry is at $134 billion. It also finds that each year homeowners remodel upwards of 10.2 million kitchens — roughly one in 10 of all households.

As always, new products, trends, and innovations were unvailed at the event. Here are just some of the highlights.

As the manufacturer of the quietest, most efficient range hoods in the world, Vent-A-Hood® did not fail to impress with their bold and informative display. New to this year’s KBIS, was their online Build-A-Hood system. With a few simple clicks, customers can build a 3D interactive range hood with their entire product line. For more information Vent-A-Hood products, click here.




With an impressive large display of their cast iron options, AGA made a clear and bold statement of why the culinary world loves them. Beneath the classic look of every AGA range beats the heart of a cast iron. The entire range is an outstandingly efficient energy store, steadily transferring heat from its core into its ovens and hotplates. Another advantage of cooking with cast iron is fewer intrusive cooking smells and flavor cross-contamination. Cook an entire meal with all the fixings at the same time in the same oven. For more information on AGA Cast Iron products, click here.



Displayed front and center was an AGA 30″ and 36″ Professional Range. Features include RapidBake Convection™ that dramatically reduces preheat time and the True Dual Flame™ double ring brass burners that eliminate center cold spots and provide the most even heating. For more information on AGA Professional products, click here.


New to the AGA Designer line, the sleek and stylish 48″ Mercury and Elise Induction Ranges made a strong impression among designers and cooking enthusiasts. The extra-large ceramic glass cooktop features 5 induction burners which can be used simultaneously. For more information on AGA Designer products, click here.



Marvel also showcased their new Professional Built-in Full Size Refrigerators. With its Dynamic Cooling Technology™, energy-efficient variable speed compressor, integrated ion air purifier, moisture-control evaporator, and a maintenance-free anti-clog condenser coil, optimal cooling ability is ensured. For more information on Marvel Built-In Full Size Refrigeration products, click here.


New to KBIS and new to the entire industry, Marvel introduced the first-ever glass door clear ice machine. The 15″ Marvel Clear Ice Machine with Arctic Illuminice™ Lighting is the quietest ice machine on the market and is engineered to consistently produce pure, clear ice with an immediate cooling and slower melt system. for more information on Marvel Undercounter Refrigeration products, click here.




Caliber Appliances, makers of award-winning grilling equipment, introduced their new line of Indoor Professional Ranges and Rangetops. The estate-scaled line of 36” and 48” all gas ranges and rangetops have been designed in collaboration with the country’s top architects and designers. As the first American manufacturer to offer customizable color and trim finishes on professional ranges, Caliber is heating up the industry with options customers are craving. For more information on Caliber Appliances Indoor and Outdoor products, click here.

KBIS will return to Orlando and the Orange County Convention Center January 9-11, 2018.
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Mode Distributing is the premier home appliance distributor in the western United States. With factory trained territory managers, elegant showrooms for hands-on instruction, and an outstanding sales support team, Mode Distributing provides the highest level of service for your building, remodeling or replacement projects. With showrooms located in Southern California, Northern California, and Colorado, Mode Distributing continues to expand its superior service across the country and provide world-class service that matches the level of its luxury products.

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The Refrigeration Experience

Excerpt from: A Chill Is In The Air By Stacey Ballis
Published by Polymath Chronicles (Blog), April 12, 2016

Big fridgeSo I figured the best way to handle the kitchen reno reveals, is to just remind you of the previous posts and then update you on how the choices are working out so far!

So today, we can revisit refrigeration! Remember the fridge post?  Well all three of the Marvel fridges are installed and loaded and ready for a full report.  And the report?  Is awesome!

First, the big boy…

We decided to inset the fridge between the food pantry and the kitchen library, so that it would not stick out into the room, much as you might do if you were installing it within your cabinetry.  We trimmed out the space with woodwork that matches the original woodwork from the house, so that it would integrate well.  And we chose the glass door on the fridge so that it would break up the look, and not create a wall of stainless steel.

Open fridgeHere is the fridge side, opened.  And yes, that awesome blue light is standard, and I just love it!  Ditto the stainless steel interior, which is both easy to clean and looks terrific.  You’ll notice that there are four deep drawers at the bottom, we have designated one of these for vegetables, one for deli meats and other easy lunch items, one for raw meats, and one for fruit.  The rest of the space is just open shelving, so I invested heavily in plastic trays and bins and organizers so that we could corral the rest of our stuff.

We bought this fridge because it is very deep, so it holds a great deal, and is amazing for large entertaining platters and such, but it does require some forethought on the organization side, especially when you have a small condiment hoarding problem as we do.  I have a tray for Asian ingredients, one for other condiments, one for salad dressings, one for pickles, one for jams and jellies.  We’ve got the whole top shelf for beverages, the second one down for dairy, and we keep the bottom shelf fairly open for leftovers or other prepped items.  I have to say, it has been a really amazing shift from our old small fridge to this one…everything has a place, and I don’t have to completely pull everything out of a shelf to add or remove an item.  Glorious! For more details on Marvel products, click here.

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 is a North American subsidiary of AGA Rangemaster, a premier international consumer brands group that manufactures and distributes some of the best known and loved kitchen appliances and interiors furnishings in the world, including prominent cooking and refrigeration brands, each with its own unique history.

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