In the true Italian artisan tradition, Verona gives you the best professional style residential range. High efficiency sealed gas burners deliver pinpoint accuracy and flame control. The burner heads are mounted close to the cooking surface to deliver better heat transfer and distribution. High output double and triple ring burners provide even heat across the bottom of the cooking utensil. As a result, foods cook quickly with less fuel than standard burners.


The Verona family of professional ranges offer the quality of traditional Italian artistry combined with the latest in cooking technology innovations.

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Verona Range


Italian-made Verona cook tops are both functional and affordable with sizes and fuel options to accommodate any kitchen.

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Verona Gas And Electric Cooktops

Built-in Ovens

Verona Built-in ovens are perfect for kitchens where space is at a premium or for the serious chefs who want additional cooking capacity.

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Verona Built-in Oven

Verona Range Overview

Join Chief Kurt von Kahle as he highlights the versatility and beauty of the Verona Classic Range.

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