Pentair Everpure

Everpure by Pentair offers an assortment of water filtration products to meet all of your residential water needs. Each Everpure water filter is designed with a patented Micro-Pure technology that is six times the surface area of traditional carbon filters. No other filter in the industry comes close to an Everpure filter when removing impurities and other substances.

Pentair Everpure Kitchen and Ice Maker Filtration Systems

The Pentair Everpure exclusive Micro-Pure filtration technology reduces potentially harmful contaminants that may be in your family’s drinking water. With an Everpure System in your home, everything you make will taste better: coffee, tea, flavored water mixes, juices, soups, and even ice cubes.

An industry leader in residential water purification for your entire home.

Pentair Everpure Full Flow Filtration

The Pentair Everpure EF-Series fits virtually anywhere in your house: from ice maker, pot filler, and wet bar to outdoor kitchen, coffee and espresso machine, and sinks around the house. Separate faucet not required!

Pentair Everpure Prep Sink & Wet Bar Filtration System

Ensure the quality of water used in preparing fresh vegetables and fruits, and in making better-tasting beverages and ice cubes. This compact filtration system neatly tucks away in virtually any cabinet and simply connects to your existing tap.

Pentair Everpure Reverse Osmosis System

Offering a level of performance above and beyond conventional filtration systems, the Pentair Everpure ROM IV three-stage system ensures superior water quality for your family.

Pentair Everpure Certified To Remove Microplastics

Everpure has long been an industry leader in drinking water treatment. Pentair has extensively tested the Everpure H and EF Series Systems to ensure they can meet and exceed the filtration levels required by National Sanitation Foundation standards to reduce microplastics from drinking water.

Smart, Sustainable Water Solutions

From residential water filtration, to industrial water management on a global scale, Pentair is focused on driving sustainability and equity by providing quality purification products and innovative solutions to move, improve, and enjoy water.