Wine & Cigar

Whether it’s wine or cigars, or both, Liebherr provides the most innovative and stylish temperature and humidity controlled cabinets to fit your lifestyle.

24″ Cabinets

Wine drinkers have different palette and preferences when selecting and serving wine. Wine collectors have a whole other set of criteria for fine bottles. Temperature, humidity, vibration and light are the most important elements of wine storage. Our stylish wine cabinets fit beautifully into any home environment and offer an accurate electronic control system. Enjoy a top quality wine experience before you even select a bottle!

28″ Cabinets

Satisfy your thirst for the smartest, most elegant way to store wine. Add a sophisticated flair to entertainment area while providing ideal conditions for wine to mature successfully. An insulated glass door with UV protection and an activated charcoal filter protect your wines from light and odor. Specially developed quiet compressors ensure the lowest vibration possible.