ILVE Introduces New Trim

The highly anticipated copper finish is now available on ILVE’s award winning lines of Majestic and Nostalgie ranges

Post: ILVE Introduces The Highly Anticipated Copper Finish To Their Award Winning Lines Of Majestic And Nostalgie Ranges
Publisher: EuroChef
Published: October 16, 2018

Simple, yet incredibly chic, ILVE Appliances announces the addition of the highly anticipated copper trim to the Majestic and Nostalgie lines of free standing ranges. With the introduction of the new elegant finish, designers and consumers can now choose between four trim options for yet another way to personalize their cooking appliance.

“Where silver and chrome once reigned as the finish of choice, we are now seeing the emergence of more rose-toned hues that offer a warm aesthetic,” states Melissa Haber, Vice President for EuroChef USA. “ILVE’s new copper trim blends the natural beauty of subtle pink and gold tones for a sophisticated finish that accentuates the personality of the kitchen.”

The Majestic series is available in both dual fuel and all gas (30″ & 36″ only.) The ranges are offered in five standard American sizes including 60″, 48″, 40″, 36″& 30″ with both single and double oven options available. The line is fully customizable with over 220 colors, two door options, four trim selections and three leg options.

The Nostalgie series is available in an all gas format and offered in 36″, 30″ and a compact 24″ option. The ranges are available in over 220 colors and four trim selections with a stylish upper handrail and modern tubular feet.

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